We checked out the hotel around 11:30am, the buses took us to a restaurant where served aboriginal food.Even the restaurant is identified as an aboriginal restaurant; I believe the food was already influenced by Taiwanese food as the dishes and flavors were not starkly presented.It was okay as I was not that hunger.The last stop we went was the Taroko National Park, one of the eight national parks in Taiwan.The park was established in 1986 to protect the natural scenery and to conserve natural resources.We did not go to the most famous spots as too many visitors from China.We picked one trail called Shakadang Trail, also known as "Mysterious Valley Trail" which was built along the river cliff.It normally requires at least 3 hours time to walk through whole trial which we did not have as we needed to catch 5:30pm train back to Taipei, so we only spent 1.5 hours here.Too bad, otherwise it would be great to observe both the rock folds and plant ecosystem beside in the river valley completely.




Before going home, we still had time to buy some local snacks to share with family and friends.I brought one box of Mochi (12 pieces), which is made of glutinous rice and stuffed with sweet filling, such as red bean paste, green bean paste, peanut paste and sesame paste, etc.My parents ate them all without saving one piece for me.Another famous snack from Hualien is the Sweet Potato Cakes stuffed with taro paste.Luckily, I still had a chance to have one bite on last Saturday.I also brought a pack of rice, which is flavored with taro.I have no idea what is the taste; I guess I have to wait until my mum cooks it someday.


Same as the first day of our trip, we took train at 5:30pm except we were going back to Taipei from Hualien.Travel agent was very thoughtful of our stomach as a Biandang (Bento) was arranged for everyone on the train.There were two choices – pork rib or drumstick with some side dishes, I picked the drumstick as it reminded me of Didi as the drumstick is always his favorite food.It seemed to me that we took longer time to get home and the train would never get there.Finally, we arrived Taipei around 8:15pm.All of us felt anxious and rushed out the train station with many pleasant memories.


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