The second day was a remarkable day of our three-day trip.The buses took us to the Luye Township where has many terraced fields, much sunlight and unpolluted air.In recent years, it has become a popular tourist area for national tourism.We stopped at Ado’s Shop to rent bikes and followed the owner – Ado for a pleasant ride along the well-maintained bicycle path that curves around the houses and fields of Wuling section.There are many large trees along two sides of the road in this section, which come into being a majestic beauty of Green Tunnel.Aside from cycling Luye area, Ado offered an outstanding service by providing us a guided tour to some historic sites, letting us to play bamboo cannon, etc.The highlight of the ride would be the activity of lying down on the road.It gave us an experience that we will never get it in Taipei and/or any other big cities.We spent two hours on the cycling tour then got on the buses again to head to a local restaurant for lunch.




The restaurant located at the Luye Gaotai area.The whole Luye area is the most famous tea farm area.Due to the pleasant view of the vast Luye area landscape and its tea plantation scenery, the Luye Tea Plantation followed the trend of switching from traditional farming to recreational farming, and became a recreation and tourist tea plantation.All the food we ate for lunch were added with tea favor, such as stir fried green tea noodles, steamed fish with jasmine tea, braised pork with oolong tea, etc.It was a nice try, somehow, some colleagues had diarrhea afterwards in the late evening.




After lunch, we started to move back to Hualien from Taitung to check in another hotel called Promised Land Resort, a Spanish style hotel.Compared with the first hotel we stayed, the room and bathroom are bigger as well as the room amenities are better.Their employees are also much more friendly and helpful.We had our dinner and breakfast at the hotel which were all in buffet style, so that you can image that I overate again.We went to bed quite late, as we didn’t need to rush for the third day activities.


There was an optional activity in the third day morning, which was to visit the Lichuan Fisheries.In recent years, Lichuan has gradually been transformed into a recreation fishery.I did not go, so I could not show you the photos but according to my colleagues, they experienced by themselves the old-style clam catching and tasted the clam they caught afterwards.Plus, through the detailed explanations provided by the employees, they learned the secrets of the golden clam breeding industry, and enjoyed the beauty of the damp breeding grounds.


To be continued:





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